Bangladesh beat Nepal 3-1 to win the Women’s SAFF Championship

Bangladesh girls won the South Asian football title for the first time. On such a day, Shamsunnahar scored the first goal in a memorable win. The next two are of Krishna Rani Sarkar. Anita Basnet scored the goal for Nepal after making it 2-0.
Where is the sea in the Himalayan country? It is surrounded by mountains. But when the 15,000 spectators at Kathmandu’s Dashrath Stadium chanted ‘Nepal’, ‘Nepal’ in unison, it sounded like the roar of the ocean.

The gallery had a Mexican wave. The Nepalese audience wanted to touch the sky with the frenzy of playing Vuvuzela and Badi. Many people took pictures in the gallery with the Nepali flag in their hands, wearing t-shirts with ‘Nepal’ written on them. In the light of the mobile phones held in everyone’s hands, it was as if thousands of jonakis lit up in the stadium. But such frenzy of Nepalis turned into cremation silence. The audience fell silent like a deflated balloon.
In fact, Nepal did not have the ability to stop this Bangladesh rising to the top of the Himalayas. Bangladesh finally won the elusive trophy of the Women’s SAFF Championship. Sabinara beat the host Nepal 3-1 in the final today. For the first time, the South Asian football title is going to Bangladesh. On such a day, Shamsunnahar scored the first goal in a memorable victory. The next two are of Krishna Rani Sarkar. Anita Basnet scored the goal for Nepal after making it 2-0.
Nepal is 45 steps ahead of Bangladesh in FIFA ranking. Bangladesh’s ranking is 147. 102 of Nepal. Past statistics were also in favor of Nepal. Before this, Bangladesh-Nepal has won 6 times out of 8 meetings. Draw 2 times. And there was the roar of the home crowd. But nothing could hold back the girls of Bangladesh.
An hour before the start of the match, it rained heavily. And the field becomes heavy in this rain. But Maria, Monica played rhythmic football even in this heavy field. As if Mariad’s feet blossomed football.

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Bangladesh had a chance to score in the first minute of the match. Maria’s long-range shot from outside the box was intercepted by Nepal’s goalkeeper Anjila Subba but could not be fully deposited in the gloves. Sirat Jahan’s shot was eventually returned by Anjila for a corner.
Striker Sirat Jahan started playing today with an injury. But he could not play for long on the field. Coach Gholam Rabbani was forced to remove Katar Sirat in 13 minutes due to pain. After that, Naman Shamsunnahar Jr. was brought in as a replacement. But who knew that this super sub will take Bangladesh forward. The pace of the game increased as Shamsunnahar went down.
In the 14th minute of the match, Shamsunnahar scored a great flick from the right wing. Deepa Shahi of Nepal took a free-kick from outside the box in the 34th minute. But Rupana fisted the shot with great skill. Desperate to redeem the goal, Nepal was busy counter-attacking. But in the 41st minute, Krishna stunned the Nepalese audience. Krishna entered the box after catching Sabina’s pass through defense. A great shot floated in the air and the ball went over the head of goalkeeper Anzilla to make it 2-0.
Backward Nepal was then busy giving death bite. Savitra Bhandari, one of the best strikers of the team, was suffering from dengue fever. Even though he was not fully fit, he was eventually dropped by the Nepalese coach. After Savitra came down, the attacks increased in Nepal. Savitra and Anita have also entered the Bangladesh box several times. Anita entered from the right side in the 69th minute of the match. Drop Shamsunnahar and enter the box easily. After that Konakuni shot the ball into the net of Bangladesh. Dashrath Stadium wakes up again in an instant. But Bangladesh was ready to stop that cheer again.
Krishna entered the box again as Sabina extended from just outside Nepal’s box. In front then only the goalkeeper of Nepal Anjila. Krishna easily placed 3-1.

Before coming from Dhaka, coach Golam Rabbani had promised that this time Bangladesh will be seen as changed. He has spoken. The girls of Bangladesh are returning home after conquering the Himalayas. In 1999, Bangladesh men’s football team became the best in South Asia for the first time in this Nepal, after 22 years, the girls became the best in Nepal.

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