Biden in the driver’s seat, wanted to take the passenger

US President Joe Biden’s favorite car. He himself admits that. President Joe Biden visited a car show last Wednesday. And he drove there. It does not end here. Jokingly said to the visitors, does anyone want to go to Washington DC? Come, I will deliver to Washington.
The Detroit Auto Show was held in Huntington Place, Michigan, USA. According to Indian media NDTV, Joe Biden went there. In that exhibition, he got into the new car of the car manufacturer Cadillac, Cadillac Liri. President Joe Biden drove the car at that time.

Images source: Google

A video of President Joe Biden driving has gone viral. It can be seen that the President is saying to the visitors, ‘Does anyone want to go to Washington DC? Come on, get in this car. I’ll get you to Washington.’
Visitors are not less. One of them said, ‘Is this my Uber? Is it an Uber ride?’ In response, the president said, ‘It’s Uber.’

The Detroit Auto Show at Huntington Place was held primarily for journalists. However, the venue was vacated hours after the show began—for the president to go there. President Joe Biden was greeted by General Motors CEO Mary Barra when he arrived.

This year’s main attraction at the Detroit Auto Show was electric cars. By attending the exhibition, Biden made several announcements. He said that states will also have car charging stations under government initiative. 750 million USD will be spent for this.

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