Gold price slashed by maximum Tk 1,050 a bhori

Bangladesh Jeweller’s Association (BAJUS) has decreased the price of gold by a maximum of Tk 1,166 a bhori (11.664 grams), effective from Tuesday.

BAJUS issued a press release to this end on Monday. BAJUS said the price was adjusted due to the fall of gold price in domestic bullion markets.

As per the new rate, price of 22 carat gold will be Tk 81,298 a bhori, 21 carat will be Tk 77,624, and 18 carat will be Tk 66,485. Besides, the price of traditional (sanatan) category of gold will be Tk 55,717.

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Price of (cadmium) silver, however, remains unchanged.

The gold prices per bhori till Monday were Tk 82,348 (22 carat), Tk 78,615 (21 carat), Tk 67,418 (18 carat), and Tk 55,871 (traditional).

The prices of 22 carat, 21 carat, 18 carat and traditional category gold have dropped by Tk 1,050, Tk 991, Tk 933 and Tk 700 respectively.

Jewellers last slashed gold price by Tk 933 a bhori on 19 September after gold price hit a record high of Tk 84,564 a bhori on 11 September.

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