Kangana’s nomination withdrawn after she threatens to sue Filmfare

Kangana Ranaut has announced to sue India’s famous entertainment magazine Filmfare. She was nominated for Best Actress for her performance in ‘Thalaivii’. Kangana threatened to sue Filmfare after receiving the nomination. However, Filmfare didn’t stop either. The entertainment magazine also counter-threatened to cancel her nomination and file a lawsuit against her.
Such information has emerged in a report in the Indian media.

Earlier on Sunday (August 21), Kangana Ranaut wrote on social media, “I have banned the unethical and corrupt and totally unfair practices like Filmfare since 2014, but since I have been getting many calls from them for attending their award function this year as they want to give me award for Thalaivii…”

Expressing surprise, Kangana Ranaut added, “ I am shocked to know that they are still nominating me. It is beneath my dignity, work ethics and value system to encourage such corrupt practices in anyway, that is why I have decided to sue Filmfare.”

Kangana-Ranaut, Source: News18

A day after Kangana threatened a lawsuit, Filmfare announced that her nomination had been canceled. Filmfare also said that “a case may be filed against Kangana for defamation and making false allegations”.

In this regard, Filmfare’s statement said, “At no time was there any insinuation of an award being given to her or any request for performance at the event made. This is a patently false accusation being made by Ms Ranaut. Our invitation to her was our effort in bringing together everyone in a collective celebration of what brings this nation together, i.e. Indian Cinema. Filmfare Awards are a celebration of cinematic excellence and are awarded irrespective of the fact that a nominee attends or performs at the function.”

Meanwhile, Kangana Ranaut gave a counter statement in the net world where she thanked Filmfare for canceling her nomination. However, she did not withdraw from the decision to sue Filmfare. Kangana, who is known for her work in female-led films in Bollywood, said that “she will meet them in court”.

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