‘KGF’ actor Harish Roy reveals he has throat cancer

‘KGF’ actor Harish Roy, who played the role of Khasim Chacha in the movie, has been diagnosed with cancer. The actor recently revealed this information in an interview.

Harish said he noticed a small swelling in the throat about a year ago. However, he was not in a condition to undergo surgery at that time. “My children are very young and I was scared to undergo throat surgery. So, I wanted to finish the KGF movie. Then got a lot of fame and took a risk. but that cancer spread to my lungs and water accumulated in my lungs,” he told the interviewer.

Harish Roy often suffered from shortness of breath during the shooting of the movie ‘KGF’. He then tested and realized that he need to get treated quickly. But he did not have the money to get treatment in a private hospital. Later, on the advice of a friend, he started treatment at Kidwai Cancer Institute, Bangalore. But this did not improve his condition. The doctor said that he is in the “fourth stage” of cancer. Later, they started treating him again.

It is learned that the actor spends Rs 3 lakh on medicines every month. Besides, he has already undergone surgery once. “The doctor told me that it is possible to recover. After the treatment, I feel better than before,” he said.

Harish said that a star actor extended a helping hand to him. Not only this, many Kannada cinema actors and filmmakers have already pledged their support to him.

Harish Roy acted as Khasim Chacha in the ‘KGF’ movie series. The first movie of this series was released in 2018. ‘KGF 2’ was released this year. This movie earned 1000 crore rupees at the box office.

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