Producers preparing to sue Mahi

Popular film actress Mahiya Mahi starred in the movie ‘Ashirbad’, in the meantime, the work of the movie has been complete and the release date has already been fixed.
Meanwhile, the vocal war between Mahi and the producer of the movie is not stopping. Many in the film industry are embarrassed about this. Especially, Jennifer Ferdous’s unbridled comments made many sick. Meanwhile, Jennifer is preparing a case against Mahi.

Jennifer Ferdous, the producer of the government-funded movie ‘Ashirbad’, and Jahangir Shikder, the producer of the movie ‘O My Love’, are said to have already discussed with lawyers to sue Mahiya Mahi.

Jennifer Ferdous, Source: Vaaju

Jennifer Ferdous held a press conference ahead of the release of the movie ‘Ashirbad’ where she criticized actress Mahiya Mahi. In response to that Mahi also held a press conference where she said, “The producer received a grant of Tk 60 lakh, but spent around Tk 25 lakh.”

The director of the movie Mostafizur Rahman Manik and Roshan agreed with Mahi’s statement. After that, Jennifer is giving continuous statements about the movie, where she even remarked on Mahiya Mahi’s personal life.

On the other hand, ‘O My Love’ producer Jahangir Shikder alleged that Mahiya Mahi took Tk 10 lakh as remuneration in cash and Tk 1 lakh for clothes for acting in the movie. Director Abul Kalam Azad said, “Mahi signed the film after hearing the story several times. After the location unit left and the day before her shoot, she asked for the story to be changed and the second heroine to be dropped from the film. If not agreed to, Mahi expressed her inability to work in the film.”

Mahiya Mahi, Source: HoopHaap

However, after the intervention of Zayed Khan, Mahi returned Tk 5 lakh in several phases, but she did not return Tk 6 lakh, Director Abul Kalam Azad added.

Producer Jahangir Shikder said “he will file a case to get this Tk 6 lakh back”.

Meanwhile, actor Joy Chowdhury posted a status on his Facebook, embarrassed about the issue. He wrote, “Producers and directors are the parents of artists. We may have misunderstandings, likes and dislikes among ourselves, it happens in all families. But as a producer, attacking an actress with such bad words about her personal matters, I think it is very disgusting and despicable.”

He also writes, “Even in exchange for money, the suffering of artists in a film is not reduced, and especially for the central actors and actresses, each of their films is a dream film. A lot of seasonal producers sir or madams are doing their publicity well these days with small talk video messages on artists’ necks. But as an artist, I didn’t like it.”

The question of the film experts is how much the film industry is benefiting from Mahi-Jennifer’s war of words.

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