Shakib is a modern cricketer: Sriram

The Tigers are busy training ahead of the upcoming Asia Cup in Dubai. After the practice, the Bangladesh cricket team’s technical consultant Sridharan Sriram shared his experience.
Sriram faced the media for the first time on Thursday after taking charge of Bangladesh. There, he first mentioned captain Shakib and said that “Shakib is a modern cricketer. It was a very good decision to make him captain.”

Sriram said, “I think making Shakib the captain is a great job. Earlier, I respected him as an opponent. This is the first time I actually got the chance to meet him like that. It’s great to see his perspective on T20Is. He is very modern. Our thoughts also match. His thoughts on youths are great.”

Shakib Al Hasan, Source: Wikipedia

He added that the youths follow and respect him. He is easily approachable. This combination of captain and team is great. I think it’s very positive.”

This new consultant wants to use the experience of Australia and IPL with the Bangladesh team. Apart from this, the new T20 consultant of Bangladesh also clarified what role he is staying in the team or what his work is.

Under the new consultant Sridharan Sriram, Team Tigers is quite relaxed. He observed all the cricketers closely in the team’s practice yesterday.

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